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Daily Mirror had some questions for Kate: Questions to Kate now deleted.

1 – Did you kill your daughter? – Kate has never been asked this question outright before in the whole inquiry.

2 – What did you do with her body? – Although cops are convinced maddie is dead,they have no body and is still missing.

3 – Why did you hire a car? – The McCanns managed without a car until 25 days after maddie vanished.

4 – Why did you hire the car the day before going to see the pope? – Cops say it makes no sense to rent a vechicle when kate and gerry were about to fly to rome.

5 – Did the hire car contain any of Madeleines belongings? – Police say Maddies blood was found inside the car and want to rule out any legitimate explanation.

6 – Why was Maddies blood found in the villa and in the car? – Kate was asked did she have a normal accident.

7 – Did you move Madeleines body in the hire car? – Police are convinced that forensics evidence places maddie inside the car hire after she vanished.

8 – Why did sniffer dogs detect traces of a corspe on your jeans and t – shirt,and maddies cuddle cat toy?Kate, a doctor insists she was present at the deaths of six patients shortly before flying to portugal.

9 – Did you sedate Madeleine? – The McCanns admit giving the children an infant painkiller.But they insist they never gave sedatives and deny giving Maddie an accidential overdose.

10 – Did you have any syringes in the apartment? – Kate insists she did not but thinks they may be referring to a “Dropper”used to give the children medicine.

11 – How much did you drink that night? – The McCanns have denied reports that their group downed 14 bottles of wine at dinner.

12 – Who checked on the children and at what times exactly? – The McCanns have given a timeline but police are trying to iron out alleged possible inconsistencies.

13 – Did you ever leave Madeleine unattended for much longer than you claim? – Witnesses are said to say she was heard crying for her parents for long periods on evenings that week.

14 – Does your husband know about it? – The police want to know if Kate will implicate Gerry in their theory.Their bond is tight but police see her as the weaker of the two.

15 – Does anyone else,including your friends know about it? – The police theory may require a conspiracy involving some of the couples highly reputable friends.Police are focusing on alleged discrepancies in their statements.

16 – Why did you shout,Someone has taken my little girl! after returning from her room on the night of her disappearance? – Cops want to know why she automatically assumed her girl had been snatched and not just walked off.

17 – Did you ever leave Madeleine all evening to go into town? – A barman claimed he saw the McCanns in Lagos, five miles away.They insist they were in Paraia da Luz that night.

18 – Did you call police as soon as you found Madeleine was missing? – There have been suggestions that a neighbour offered to call police but Kate insisted she had already rung – than waited another 40 minutes before actually making the first call.This is disputed.

19 – Why did you call a priest on the night Maddie vanished? – Police beleive devout christian Kate may have been feeling guilty.

20 – Why did you wash cuddle cat after Maddie went missing? – The cuddly toy was Maddies favourite and had her distinctive smell.Kate carries it wherever she goes.

21 – Did you hide anything in the church? – Kate and Gerry were given keys to the church in Praia da Luz so they could pray there alone.

22 – Why do you want to go home now? – After four months in Portugal,the McCanns planned to leave as DNA test results were due.


Kate McCann (SM)
POLICE MOVE IN.. AS KATE TELLS OF PAIN Every hour I ask myself 'Why did I think she was safe?' We have doubted what we did & I do feel regret we weren't there

Heartbroken mum Kate McCann quietly sobs as she speaks for the first time of her guilt about leaving little daughter Madeleine alone the night she was snatched. "I feel desperately sorry to her that we weren't there," she says.

"Every hour now, I still ask myself, 'Why did I think that was safe?' But it did feel safe and so right.

I do feel regret.

 I've gone through all my life and said I never want to have any regrets, but you can't not regret something like that."

Speaking without her husband Gerry at her side for the first time, Kate, 38, reveals how she is haunted by the unbearable regret that she wasn't there to protect her daughter.

In an emotional interview, in which she repeatedly breaks down in tears, Kate says that if she could tell her four-year-old daughter anything now, it would be that she loves and misses her.

Clutching the pink Cuddle Cat toy which has been a constant source of comfort to her since it was left lying in Madeleine's bed the night she was taken, Kate says: "I want to tell her we love her very much.

 She knows we're looking for her, that we're doing absolutely everything and we'll never give up."

Kate reveals how their happy girl had told her she'd had the best day of her life before she fell asleep on the evening she disappeared.

Madeleine had spent the day at a kids' club near the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal, swimming, face-painting and colouring-in with other children.

But Kate now plays over in her mind the heart-wrenching words which could tragically be the last Madeleine ever said to her.

She says: "As I put her to bed, she smiled at me and said, 'Mummy I've had the best day ever. I'm having lots and lots of fun'."

Kate reveals Madeleine had been practising a dance at the club which she was looking forward to showing her mum the following day - "but I never got to see it".

After putting Madeleine and two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie to bed, Kate and Gerry joined friends at a tapas restaurant 50 yards from their ground-floor villa.

They took turns to check on the children every half-hour. But when Kate returned at about 10pm, she discovered Madeleine was gone.

Recalling the moment she found her daughter's bed empty, Kate says: "There was 20 seconds of disbelief where I thought, 'That can't be right'.

 I was checking for her. Then there was panic and fear. That was the first thing that hit. I was screaming her name. I ran to the group. Everyone was the same. It was total fear.

"I never thought for one second that she'd walked out. I knew someone had been in the apartment because of the way it had been left.

"But I knew she wouldn't walk out anyway. There wasn't a shadow of a doubt in my mind she'd been taken."

Kate says she saw that Madeleine's toy Cuddle Cat had been left behind, but was careful not to touch it in case it held a clue to who took her.

She says: "I knew straight away a crime had been committed, we had no doubt about that.

We were very conscious of not touching things."

Speaking with moving honesty, Kate reveals how she asks herself every day whether she and Gerry were wrong to leave their children alone.

She says they felt so safe at the "family-friendly" resort they didn't think twice about leaving Madeleine and the twins - and she reveals how they'd left them alone every evening as they ate dinner in the week until Madeleine was taken on a Thursday night.

But she admits it was a decision that torments her with every waking moment.

"We've doubted what we did," Kate says. "It's hard to answer the question, 'Were we wrong to leave them?' If I'd had to think for one second, 'Should we have dinner and leave them?' I wouldn't have done it.

"It didn't happen like that. I didn't have to think for a second, that's how safe I felt. It's not like we went down town or anything. That night runs over and over in my mind and I'm sure people will learn from our mistake, if you want to call it that. I love her and I'm a totally responsible parent and that's the only thing that keeps me going."

Her eyes falling to Cuddle Cat, which she has reluctantly washed after it became filthy from her carrying it around, Kate adds: "I feel desperately sorry to her that we weren't there."

But Kate says she and Gerry have never blamed each other for that night. She says: "We have a strong relationship. We don't row. We talk a lot and that is vital at the moment."

Kate, a GP, can't imagine ever returning to the family's home in Rothley, Leics, without Madeleine as it holds too many memories of the bright and playful youngster.

She says: "I can't bear the thought of it. We had lived in that house for a year and it was a really happy home. When we left it the last time we were so excited. I can't think about going back without her."

Speaking at a charity headquarters in Lagos, a 10-minute drive from the apartment where Madeleine was kidnapped, Kate says she had asked Gerry, 39, not to join her.

 She wanted to express her feelings as a mother, and to say thank you to all the mums who have sent her letters of support. Kate says: "Sometimes I want to speak, but I just can't. It's not natural for me. Gerry's used to having to speak at conferences and it's harder for me. I've had so many letters from mothers, really kind words. They have said, 'Kate, we've done this a hundred times over ourselves'. I wanted to say thank you for that support and reassurance."

Kate tells how she and Gerry had the agony of celebrating Madeleine's fourth birthday without her, eight days after she went missing.

She says: "She was due to have a party in the nursery, including her best friend. That went ahead and quite rightly. But it was hard to ignore the reason why they were there, because Madeleine wasn't. Not having her there was such a huge void."

Kate now wears a silver locket round her neck with a picture of Madeleine inside and the words "Tower of Strength" engraved on it.

She says a friend gave it to her because "that's what Madeleine was to us, a tower of strength".

The McCanns have moved from the apartment two doors from where Madeleine disappeared to a villa just outside the resort as they continue their campaign to find her.

And Kate says they are still clinging to the hope she will join them there. "We unpacked some of Madeleine's things. I've kept her clothes together. She has lots of presents to open that people have sent - mostly people who don't know her."

Kate also speaks for the first time of her first visit back to the UK for a family baptism two weeks ago.

She says: "The hardest thing wasn't being in the UK, it was to be with such close family and for Madeleine not to be there. She's such a big part of our lives."

Conscious to speak of her in the present tense, she adds: "Despite her small size she just has this huge presence. She brings a lot of joy."

She says the twins often ask about their older sister. "They know she's not there and they do miss her," Kate explains. "But on a day-to-day basis they are happy. They're lovely, like a little double act, they're so funny."

Smiling, she adds: "They talk about Madeleine's things and if they get a biscuit they say, 'One for Sean, one for Amelie, one for Madeleine'.

"There was an empty seat on the plane on our trip to the UK and Sean said, 'That's Madeleine's seat'. Amelie asked me afterwards, 'Where's Madeleine? I miss my big sister'.

"Amelie will point at the Cuddle Cat and say, 'Madeleine. Her Cuddle Cat.

Looking after it'. She's probably heard me saying that. It catches me."

Kate reveals she still battles with nightmarish thoughts that Madeleine might be dead. "I still have moments of panic and fear. It's not as intense and unrelenting as the first five days. We have hope now and it's important to hold on to that."

And she says she is still not considering returning home to the UK. "It's a gut feeling. I'm aware there are probably things that would be easier at home, but at the moment this is the right thing for us."

With next Saturday marking 100 days since Madeleine was snatched, Kate reveals her heartache at each passing day without news of her.

She says: "I'm still hoping we're not going to get there. Every day I'm hoping we won't get to the next day without her. It's a long time. But we have to keep going for Madeleine."

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Kates letter to Paulo Rebelo...

4th December 2007
Dear Mr Rebelo,
I hope you do not mind me writing to you and that you will read my letter. I am Madeleine McCann's mother.
I am not sure if you are a parent or not, but for my husband and myself, and the whole of our family, the last seven months has been the most difficult, sad and unbearable time that any parent could possibly imagine. Madeleine is the most precious thing in our life.

As her mother, the pain and anxiety I feel for her is indescribable and the feeling of helplessness overwhelming. The 'accusations' and media smearing, although upsetting, are very much secondary.

I am appealing to you as a fellow human being to work with us (if possible include us) and to remember that we are Madeleine's parents and have needs.

With regard to this latter point, I would be grateful if you were able to keep us informed to some degree as to how the investigation is going - what work is being done to help find our daughter etc.

I'm sure you will agree that this request is not unreasonable and is in fact humane.

I am fairly familiar now with the workings of 'judicial secrecy' but even if we could have a little bit of information in the broadest of terms it would help.

Lack of communication and a void of information, particularly as the parent of a missing child, is torture.

We will continue to work with the PJ (and are keen to do so as soon as possible!) as we have done since that moment when I discovered that Madeleine had been taken.

This shouldn't be about 'finger-pointing blame', nor should it be about differences in culture. It should be about a beautiful, innocent little girl who is still missing. She is the victim in all of this.

It would be good for Madeleine if we could all work together to help find her and the person(s) who took her.

I would be very grateful if you could give some thought and consideration to my letter and look forward to your reply. I can only ask.

Yours sincerely,

Kate McCann.

7 children in apartment....part 2

Mr O’Brien’s partner, Jane Tanner, told police that she had seen a man carrying a girl away from the McCanns’ apartment at 9.15pm. However, another witness has insisted that she was not in the area at that time.

A source within the PJ is quoted by 24 Horas as saying: “In face of so many contradictions and in face of the forensics results that we already hold, we have very few doubts that the girl died inside that apartment, and we only have doubts about who concealed the corpse.”

The report follows claims in the British media that although tests on samples discovered in the McCanns’ apartment and hire car do not prove that Madeleine is dead, they have strengthened the theory that her parents were involved in her disappearance.

A source at the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham, which carried out the tests on behalf of the Portuguese authorities, is reported to have said that the results showed police were right to make the couple arguidos, or official suspects.

However, the McCanns’ British law firm, Kingsley Napley, has brought in its own forensic team to explain why the samples may be totally unconnected to Madeleine’s disappearance.

The couple insist that any DNA found in the Renault Scenic hired 25 days after Madeleine’s disappearance could have been transferred innocently from their daughter’s clothing when they moved to a new apartment.

Clarence Mitchell, the couple’s spokesman, said today: “Kate and Gerry have nothing to hide at all. They are perfectly happy to answer any of this, if it comes to it. There are wholly innocent explanations for anything the police may or may not have found."

Mr Mitchell said the couple were unable to grieve for Madeleine because they did not know yet what had happened to their daughter. “They need that knowledge whether Madeleine is alive or dead - let’s face it, she might be,” he said. “They need to know, before they can move on, before they can deal with that.

“In the absence of that hard information, they are doing what they can to, one, clear their names of these dreadful smears and, two, to actually get on with the job of finding her. That is the message we want to go to police in Portugal - ‘find Madeleine’.”

The couple hope that the appointment of a new head of the investigation will refocus the inquiry on finding their daughter. Mr Rebelo was appointed last night after the demotion of the previous lead investigator, Gonçalo Amaral, who had claimed that British police were being manipulated by Madeleine’s parents.

Mr Rebelo made his career at the Central Directory for the Investigation of Drug Trafficking before being appointed one of four associate directors of the PJ. He was head of the Criminal Investigation department in Lisbon when it uncovered a notorious paedophile ring. The “Casa Pia” ring had been abusing boys at state-run children’s homes for decades before being uncovered in 2002. Those alleged to have been involved included senior politicians, a former ambassador, celebrities and wealthy businessmen.

Mr Rebelo was described by colleagues as “highly regarded internally, he has done some excellent work for the PJ, he is nice and a good communicator”. He is close to the PJ’s national director, Alípio Ribeiro.

McCann children 'were not alone in apartment'

October 9, 2007

McCann children 'were not alone in apartment'

3D model 'casts doubt on Madeleine abduction'
Significant new evidence about the night Madeleine McCann disappeared has been uncovered, it was claimed, as one of Portugal’s most senior detectives took charge of the investigation.

Paulo Rebelo, an assistant national director of the Polícia Judiciária (PJ), took over responsibility for the case last night. He made his name in the investigation into Portugal’s most notorious paedophile ring.

His appointment was made amid reports in Portugal that detectives have evidence contradicting Kate and Gerry McCann's version of the events of the night that they reported their daughter missing.

Police believe that Madeleine and her twin brother and sister may not have been alone in the McCann holiday apartment, but that the children of seven British friends who were on holiday with the McCanns were also present when Madeleine disappeared on May 3, the 24 Horas newspaper claimed.

The McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, have insisted that Madeleine was with only her two-year-old twin siblings, Sean and Amelie, while they dined with their friends at a tapas restaurant at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz. The group has claimed that their children were in their own apartments and that they made checks on their own children and those of their friends during the evening.

However, a source within the investigation was quoted by 24 Horas as saying: “It’s not only the collected evidence that points to the fact that there were more children inside that [the McCanns'] apartment.

“Evidence also exists, following the interrogations to the other people who that were at the Ocean Club, that only the McCanns’ apartment was visited by the people who attended the dinner.”

The children had visited each other’s apartments regularly in the six days that they had been at the Ocean Club. The newspaper does not explain how any forensic evidence could be pinpointed to the evening of Madeleine’s disappearance.

The newspaper also casts doubt on claims by one of the McCanns’ friends that he was looking after his unwell daughter when he was away from the restaurant on the evening Madeleine disappeared.

It says that Russell O’Brien, a hospital consultant from Exeter, left the restaurant at 9.35pm and returned at 10pm, just minutes before Mrs McCann discovered that Madeleine was missing. Mr O’Brien has strenuously denied any involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance and has never been a formal suspect in the investigation.

24 Horas reported: “The British man guaranteed he took that long because he visited his sick daughter, and she vomited. He says he asked for the sheets to be changed, but the staff at the Ocean Club assured the investigators that nobody asked for any bedsheets to be changed that evening.”



7 kids were left in McCann flat

Gaunt ... Kate manages a smile leaving church yesterday
Gaunt ... Kate manages a smile
leaving church yesterday
POLICE in Portugal piled fresh torment on Madeleine McCann?s parents yesterday by claiming SIX other kids were with her the night she disappeared.
The bizarre theory – that the couple?s friends left their own children in the fateful holiday apartment to go out – emerged as the country?s No2 cop took over the case of the missing four-year-old.

Grim ... Gerry yesterday
Grim ... Gerry yesterday

Last night Maddie?s gaunt-looking mum Kate and husband Gerry slammed the latest slur on their version of events as ?utter rubbish?.
The two doctors, both 39, insist their two-year-old twins Amelie and Sean were the only other children sleeping in the rented flat when Maddie vanished.
The news comes as friends of Kate have argued today that the fact she refused to leave Portugal, despite pleas from husband Gerry and friends, is further proof she is telling the truth.

Even though she knew public opinion in Portugal was turning against them, Kate felt emotionally attached to the area and wanted to stay.

Friends argue that someone with something to hide would not have behaved in the same way.
But police sources reportedly told Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas they had "significant evidence" that seven of the eight children in the group had been in the McCanns' apartment.
Reports suggest they did not give an explanation as to where the eighth child was.

And the newspaper also claims that Maddie and twins Sean and Amelie were sedated.

This belief is apparently based on the first preliminary results of the tests carried out at a lab in Birmingham.

These results are said to tie in with forensic analysis previously carried out at the National Institute of Legal Medicine in Portugal.

According to a reported police source, there is no proof that the other children claimed to be in the apartment were also sedated.

Yesterday three detectives visited the apartment where Madeleine disappeared to reconstruct what happened.
They were there for five hours. Their new boss Paulo Rebelo, 45, is understood to favour a ?rethink? of every aspect of the investigation.
The McCanns? spokesman Clarence Mitchell scoffed at the cops? new allegations, saying: ?If you put seven children together you are going to have a far harder time getting them to sleep than three.? The latest theory casts doubt not only on what Kate and Gerry have always said but knocks statements by the three couples they holidayed with.

Rebelo ... now heads the case
Rebelo ... now heads the case

Pals Jane Tanner, 36, and her partner Dr Russell O?Brien, 36, have two young daughters. Dr Matthew Oldfield, 37, and wife Rachael, 36, also have two children.
Also in the Algarve with the McCanns were David Payne, 41, and his wife Dr Fiona Payne, 34 – who have one child – and Fiona?s mother Diane. Maddie vanished five months ago in the resort of Praia da Luz as her parents and friends dined in a nearby tapas bar. The police theory about other kids being in the flat was leaked by a detective to a Portuguese newspaper.
It emerged as highly respected senior officer Rebelo – second in command at the Policia Judiciaria – took over the inquiry. He replaced disgraced Goncalo Amaral – axed last week for blasting the McCanns and UK detectives. Rebelo, 45, has worked on some of Portugal?s most high profile crimes – although he has no experience of investigating missing children.

Missing ... Maddie
Missing ... Maddie

His appointment was announced as it was revealed the McCanns have hired their own forensic team. The move follows reports that new DNA evidence links them to their daughter?s disappearance.
Spokesman Mr Mitchell said: ?Kate and Gerry hope Mr Rebelo will now work to eliminate them from the inquiry as suspects and will then be in a position to refocus his team into the search for Madeleine.?

But news emerged today that a team of six Portuguese detectives is reportedly investigating the disappearance of Madeleine - down from about 100 inspectors put on the case when she first went missing
Carlos Anjos, president of the Association of Criminal Investigation Staff, told Portugal's national news agency Lusa that five detectives and a chief inspector made up the team.
He said the drawdown was "normal" in investigations where the missing person was not found in the immediate period after disappearing, Lusa reported.

Yesterday Kate looked pale and thin as she attended a Catholic service for Madeleine near the family?s home in Rothley, Leics.
Mr Mitchell insisted: ?Kate may appear frail but inside she is stronger than ever.?

  • Gerry and Kate McCann have praised Hollywood star Ben Affleck for his "sensitivity" after he halted the UK screening of his latest film over its similarities to the missing Madeleine case.

    Gone Baby Gone - directed by the actor and starring his brother Casey - features a private detective trying to find a missing four-year-old girl.

    The thriller has now had its UK premiere postponed.

    At the Los Angeles premiere, Affleck said: "It just came down to the fact that there is a family there, and there is a country that has been exposed to the story and seems to have become to a certain degree emotionally sensitive to it."

    The McCanns' family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "We thank him for being thoughtful enough and sensitive enough to Gerry and Kate's position to make such a commercial decision."

  • Brits face DNA quiz

    BRITS who were in Praia da Luz when Madeleine went missing have been asked to give DNA samples to police.
    Leicestershire police sent letters to all those staying at the Ocean Club resort the week the McCanns were there.
    Portuguese detectives are trying to identify DNA samples and fingerprints from locations including the McCanns’ apartment.
    It shows police have not ruled out the theory that Madeleine, four, was snatched.
    They are also tying to trace mobile calls from the night she vanished.
    Det Supt Stuart Prior wrote in the letter that the samples would “help Portuguese police eliminate samples they have not yet been able to identify”.
    A McCann family friend said: “Kate and Gerry will welcome this as it shows increased police activity.”

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    The last picture of Madeleine: Just eight hours later she was gone

    Last updated at 16:40 25 May 2007

    She must have been having so much fun.
    Chuckling with delight, Madeleine McCann dangles her feet in a pool and poses for a holiday snapshot.
    Less than eight hours after it was taken, Madeleine disappeared. So yesterday this became the last, poignant picture of the missing four-year-old - released by her grief-stricken parents in their desperate campaign to bring her home.
    Scroll down for more ...
    madeleine mccann on the beach on day she was abducted This newly released photograph of Madeleine shows her laughing with her family on the day of her disappearance
    It shows Madeleine with her father Gerry and two-year-old sister Amelie, sitting beside the pool in their Algarve holiday apartment complex. Her mother Kate is behind the camera with Amelie's twin brother Sean.
    It could hardly have captured her character more perfectly - a cheeky little Miss in a pink summer dress and floppy hat, stealing the limelight as usual with that trademark smile.
    That was at 2.29pm on May 3, a few days after the family checked in to an apartment in Praia da Luz and just nine days before her fourth birthday.

    Kate and Sean McCann Kate McCann with Sean yesterday
    And last night, another picture of Madeleine was projected onto London's iconic Marble Arch to bring her plight to the attention of the city.
    During the day of her disappearance they had all gone for a walk, played tennis, and taken some more snapshots for the family album before relaxing by the pool.
    Some time between 9.10pm and 10pm, an abductor is assumed to have snatched her from her bed while her parents dined nearby.
    Three weeks on, there has been not a single trace of her whereabouts, no breakthrough in the investigation, and no clear indication that she is even still alive.
    In the evening her parents gave her a bath, took out her trendy hair bead and washed her hair. Then they tucked her up alongside Sean and Amelie before kissing them all goodnight.
    Mr and Dr McCann - he is a consultant cardiologist, she a GP - remain convinced she is alive, and have vowed that they cannot even consider going home to Leicestershire until they find her.
    But yesterday, for the first time during the remarkable campaign they are running in parallel with the police operation, they made known their frustration at the investigation's lack of progress.
    The 38-year-old couple met Portuguese police chiefs to express their concern at the "apparent slowness" of the hunt.
    A source close to the family said: "At every stage throughout this they have been feeding their own questions and concerns back to the investigating authorities through British police and in turn the Portuguese authorities.
    Scroll down for more ...
    Maddy A photograph of Madeleine McCann is projected onto London's iconic Marble Arch
    "While they remain content with the overall thrust of the investigation they do at times hope that their questions and concerns are addressed more quickly."
    Yesterday the latest Portuguese initiative - a plea to the kidnapper from the Bishop of the Algarve - stalled almost immediately.
    Bishop D. Manuel Neto Quintas appealed to Madeleine's abductor to phone him to arrange Madeleine's return - but he failed to supply a phone number.
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    madeleine mccann on the beach on day she was abducted Madeleine's father Gerry with her twin sister Amelie (centre) and Madeleine (right) as the family relaxes by the pool. Hours later their holiday would turn into a living nightmare that appears to have no end in sight
    In other developments, new leads have emerged from more than 300 holidaymakers' photographs that have been sent in to an appeal for pictures that might reveal the abductor.
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    gerry mccann in rotheley Gerry McCann made a moving visit to a shrine in Madeleine's honour in their hometown of Rothley, Leicestershire, recently

    Officers from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre had appealed to tourists who visited Praia da Luz in the two weeks prior to the kidnap to send in their holiday pictures.
    Strangers in the background of pictures are being cross-referenced with an image of known paedophiles using facial recognition software.
    A spokesman for CEOP would not comment on the detail of the new leads.
    It also emerged that the McCanns have been offered the use of private jets to make trips around Europe in their continued campaign to find Madeleine.
    Early discussions are under way with Warner Brothers cinemas to put posters in every cinema and to play an appeal video of Madeleine before every movie.

    Madeleine McCann Frustration is growing as the weeks slip by in the search for Madeleine

    Read more: